Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Bag Dust Collector

Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Bag Dust Collector

The bag filter is widely used in vertical Ultrafine Mill because of its advantages of high efficiency, less energy consumption, simple process principle and suitable for different types of coal. In the process of dust removal in the vertical Ultrafine Mill using bag filter, we should always pay attention to the maintenance of equipment during operation, and analyze the factors that affect the service life of filter bags, and improve the service life of bag filter effectively through inspection, maintenance and maintenance. This article mainly introduces the factors affecting the service life of the bag dust collector and its operation and maintenance.

Factors Affecting The Service Life Of The Dust Collector

The life of the bag filter is a comprehensive index, but the filter bag is the core of the comprehensive index of the duster. So the maintenance and maintenance of the filter bag is very important, and life assessment is mainly to check the performance of the filter bag itself, such as temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and oxidation resistance. For this reason, our discussion about the life of the bag filter is limited to the analysis of the filter bag and the related factors.

The Effect Of Filter Bag Material

The room temperature filter bag includes polyester needle felt filter bag, anti static polyester needle felt filter bag, easy cleaning polyester needle punched felt filter bag, polyester laminating needle felt filter bag and other materials. These can be used for a long time under the condition of normal temperature. There is a kind of high temperature dust bag includes: meitasi needle felt filter bag, FMS bag, bag, glass fiber needle felt PPS acid and alkali resistant material such as needle felt filter bag.

The Harm Of High Temperature To Filter Bag

When the exhaust gas temperature is over 160 DEG C, the temperature has a significant influence on the service life of the filter bag, with the loss of the temperature increase the service life of the filter bag is gradually increased, reached a certain temperature the filter will be burned (according to the decision, and the bag material) coal mixed with other chemicals, when high smoke temperature will accelerate the reaction ability of chemical substances the filter material is easily oxidized, the strength is weakened, easily broken, loss of life will become more and more serious, leading to corrosion of the filter bag. Therefore, the operation should be strictly controlled when the exhaust gas temperature, to prevent the occurrence of long-term over temperature operation and short time temperature swell accident.

Effect Of Low Temperature Condensation On Filter Bag

When low load operation of the Ultrafine Mill, the flue gas temperature is low, and the partial leakage factors, prone to local temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, so there will be a condensation phenomenon, and SO2 in the flue gas acid dew formation reaction, caused by corrosion of acid mist, filter bag, bag making characteristic index decline, may cause a large area of compaction bag serious when reaching a certain weight will cause the bag off, seriously affect the service life of the filter bag. In addition, the cold northern winter, if the insulation is not good, easy to cause an inner wall of ash hopper, causing clogging phenomenon. And the early negative pressure furnace hopper, lower moisture in hydraulic ash produced will be brought into the bucket, but also easily lead to an inner wall of ash wall, causing serious consequences. (bag type dust collector produces dew phenomenon, the efficiency of dust collecting is greatly reduced. To solve these 5 aspects.

Influence Of Filtering Wind Speed On Filter Bag

The filtering wind speed is an important factor in determining the performance of the dust collector. Too high, the pressure loss is too large, making the filter bag clogged and quickly damaged. Generally speaking, for the dust with high dust concentration, fine particles and large wear, the wind speed should be smaller and the wind speed is larger than that of the dust. Because the bag filter filtration velocity value will make the dust layer due to pressure resistance increases, the porosity decreases, flow from the dust bag weak place breakthrough, “perforation” phenomenon, the more serious the filtration velocity more dust bag “perforation” phenomenon, so to control the filtration velocity.

Effect Of Destructive Dust Cleaning On Filter Bag

In order to keep the pressure difference of the filter bag in design value, we should regularly clean up the fly ash attached to the surface of the filter bag, but the parameters of the cleaning way or the ash cleaning system have a great influence on the life of the filter bag. The jitter type, vibration type or high voltage pulse blowback system effect is not large, but low pressure pulse cleaning system is different, the damage mechanism is mainly due to the use of external filtration type filter, filter bag in bag cage, and the relative motion between the bag and the bag cage will produce wear. Coupled with the amplitude change frequently, blowing ash bag and bag cage, with close contact spacing and tortuous changes have a direct impact on the life of the filter.

Influence Of Air Inlet Mode On Filter Bag

What type of air intake is used will also directly affect the life of filter bag, so as to ensure that the pressure difference of several rooms is more average. Once the pressure difference between the 1 chambers increases, most of the smoke enters the other chambers and balances the pressure difference. However, if there are 1 parts of the room, there is part of the filter bag leakage, and the resistance of the flue gas through the filter bag is reduced, so the pressure difference of the chamber will decrease. Most of the smoke will enter the room, which will increase the circulation and increase the wear of the filter bag. So the choice of reasonable air intake is also an aspect of the life of filter bag.

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