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Feldspar Grinding Plant For Sale

Reasons for reduced production of Feldspar Grinding Millrs

Introduction: Some users use the Feldspar Grinding Millr for ore milling, and found that the output is smaller than the output at the beginning of use, because we can’t find the reason and ask us, Xiaobian finds relevant information to answer your questions. This problem.

Q: Under normal circumstances, what is the approximate production capacity of Feldspar Grinding Millr in ore milling?

A: Because the company’s series of Feldspar Grinding Millrs for ore milling have many different models, there is no specific value for their output, but in normal tests, the output range is mostly 10 per hour. Ton to 50 tons.

Q: Why is the output of the Feldspar Grinding Millr still normal in the beginning of the milling production, but after a period of use, its output has become smaller?

A: There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that users do not have the necessary maintenance on the equipment in the production line.

Q: Specifically, what kind of situation is it?

A: Specifically, there are three main reasons for the decline in production: air leakage in the ore milling production system; increased speed of the powder separator; and reduced air volume.

Q: How does the above three phenomena work to reduce the mill’s milling output?

A: First of all, the Feldspar Grinding Millr ore milling system is a low-pressure exhaust system, which is to form a system internal low-pressure system by pumping away the hot air in the hot air stove. This system will press the powder material through the powder selection. The machine is then collected by the dust collector. If there is air leakage in the middle of the system, that is, the pressure in the low pressure system is too low, the pressure on the powder material will be low, so that the pressure of the powder material to be collected is not enough. The movement to the dust collector is collected, so that the yield is reduced; secondly, if the rotation speed of the classifier is increased, the difficulty of the powder material to pass through the classifier is increased, so that the throughput thereof is decreased, and finally the yield is lowered; When the air volume becomes small, the speed at which the powder material is blown through the classifier is lowered, and the difficulty in collecting the powder material by the dust collector is increased, resulting in a decrease in the yield.

Q: In the face of these problems, what needs to be solved?

A: It can be solved from three aspects. First, find the leaking place and repair it. Secondly, adjust the speed of the powder separator. Finally, adjust the air volume.

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