Gold Crusher Machine South Africa

Gold Crusher Machine South Africa

How to use Gold Crusher Machine reasonably

Proper use of the Gold Crusher Machine can extend the life of the equipment and save the company a lot of money. In the optimized design of the Gold Crusher Machine, the relevant requirements for the rational use of the equipment are also correspondingly introduced, so as to urge us to pay attention to the details in the use, which can reduce unnecessary related situations. So, how to use Gold Crusher Machine reasonably?

Related details

1. The hydraulic interlocking system of the Gold Crusher Machine must not be dismantled under any circumstances. This is the guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment of Shanghai A&C Gold Crusher Machine.

2. When the machine is running, the Gold Crusher Machine is not allowed to stand in the rotary surface. The operator is not allowed to take the large ore or other related items into the machine.

3. The Gold Crusher Machine must be idling, and the feed specification should not exceed 0.85 times the size of the feed port.

4, Gold Crusher Machine is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore coarse and medium broken, do not use inappropriate materials, such as broken materials, to make it to avoid unnecessary damage.

Inspection and preparation before equipment operation

1. The Gold Crusher Machine must first check whether the lubrication points are normal before starting, whether there is any phenomenon such as blockage or oil leakage.

2. Operate the handle dry oil pump to make the lubrication points adequate and refuel. Check each instrument to see if it is in good condition and adjust the discharge port to the appropriate scale.

3. Check whether there are ore or other broken materials in the crushing chamber, and the elastic adjustment of the V-belt and the locking spring is moderate.

4. Check the electrical interlocking device, the connection number of the light and whether the various protective facilities are complete and normal, and whether the connecting bolts are loose or not.

Method of starting operation

1. Start the vacuuming system and start the Gold Crusher Machine without any load after receiving the signal from the lower process flow.

2. When the Gold Crusher Machine is operating normally, restart the tank type feeder to select the ore.

Parking operation method

1. If the Gold Crusher Machine is parked, it must choose the operation steps that can be stopped after all the ore is removed. If the parking is selected, the mine feeding system should be stopped first, that is, the tank type feeding machine.

2. Stop the vacuum cleaner and water supply system after stopping for five minutes. Never choose to park the vacuum cleaner and the water supply system after the parking operation.

Emergency parking situation

1. If the main bearing or the moving jaw suddenly rises above 80 °C, the surface phenomenon is that the back of the hand and the bearing seat cannot last for one second, and the emergency stop.

2. The front or rear thrust plate is broken and emergency stop.

3. If the belt bolt or other transmission parts are broken, it may be possible to fly out of the injured and emergency stop.

4, the motor smokes “broom”, emergency stop.

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