Impact Crusher For Iron Ore

Impact Crusher For Iron Ore

Iron Ore Impact Crusher design method

The wide application of Iron Ore Impact Crushers in many industries stems from its several advantages: large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, simple structure and cube size. The Iron Ore Impact Crusher is a new type of crusher, which is very suitable for the production of concrete aggregates. It is characterized by high production capacity, good particle size and low wear. The focus of this paper is to introduce the design method of Iron Ore Impact Crusher.

1, cavity design

In order to increase the crushing effect of the material, the cavity type adopts a cavity type capable of enhancing selective crushing. The Iron Ore Impact Crusher enhances the selective crushing by increasing the crushing chamber, effectively and reasonably distributing the weight of the equipment. Compared with similar products, when crushing large pieces of hard materials, sufficient rotor inertia makes the rotor not stall, and some impact energy consumption is not used due to insufficient moment of inertia.

When designing the cavity type, the counter-attack device is designed as a self-weighting mechanism with sufficient heavy torque so that the counter-attack device can maintain normal operation by its own weight. The counter-attack plate is designed as a three-chamber counter-attack plate, and its great advantage is that the rear two-chamber counterattack plate suspension point overlaps with the first-level counterattack plate suspension point, and the rear two-stage counterattack plate has three times the heavy torque of the same type of product. This advantage is very obvious when the range is 0~20mm.

2, speed selection

The Iron Ore Impact Crusher is mainly broken by kinetic energy. When the material and the counterattack plate impact, the kinetic energy is converted into crushing work. In the case of rotor structure and size determination, the relationship between speed and production capacity, grain size, power and wear is determined through a large number of tests.

Considering that many material Iron Ore Impact Crushers have critical speeds, in the critical speed, the crushing effect is getting better with the increase of the speed, but the speed is too high, which will increase the wear of the hammer, the wear and impact speed of the hammer and the criticality. The square of the difference in rotational speed is proportional. According to this relationship, coupled with the relationship between the above-mentioned speed and production capacity, grain size and power, the speed of the Iron Ore Impact Crusher is selected as follows: if a two-cavity type is adopted, the crusher needs a speed of 36~40 m/s to achieve the required speed. Granular grade and processing capacity; if multi-cavity is used, the Iron Ore Impact Crusher only needs 22~30m/s.

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