Metal Detector For Iron Ore Crusher

Metal Detector For Iron Ore Crusher

Iron Ore Crusher working principle

The Iron Ore Crusher drops the crushed material between the two rollers through the feeding port, crushing and crushing, and the finished material naturally falls. When there is a hard or unbreakable object, the roller of the Iron Ore Crusher can be automatically retracted by the action of the hydraulic cylinder or the spring, so that the gap of the roller is increased, and the hard or unbreakable object is dropped, thereby protecting the machine from damage. The two rollers that rotate in opposite directions have a certain gap, and the gap can be changed to control the large discharge size of the product. The Iron Ore Crusher uses a pair of counter-rotating round rolls, and the high-energy hydraulic Iron Ore Crusher uses two pairs of oppositely rotating round rolls for crushing operations.

Running part

The Iron Ore Crusher produced in Shanghai is 1.5 times more efficient than other equipment. The main operating components consist of rollers, roller support bearings, compression and adjustment devices, and drive units. The driving mechanism is driven by two motors, which are driven by a V-belt to the sheave of the sheave and rotate in the opposite direction. When the material is crushed, the material passes through the roller from the feed port and is crushed by rolling, and the broken product is discharged from the bottom of the chassis. For safety, the transmission part should be installed with the safety cover according to the actual situation.

Product granularity adjustment

Iron Ore Crusher discharge size can be adjusted according to user needs. A wedge or washer adjustment device is arranged between the two rollers of the Iron Ore Crusher, and the top end of the wedge device is provided with an adjusting bolt. When the adjusting bolt pulls up the wedge, the wedge pushes the movable roller away from the fixed wheel. That is, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger, and the discharge granularity becomes larger. When the wedge is downward, the two rollers of the movable roller become smaller under the action of the pressing spring, and the discharge granularity becomes smaller. The gasket device adjusts the size of the discharge by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the gasket. When the gasket is added, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger. When the gasket is reduced, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller, and the discharge granularity becomes smaller. .

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