Portable Rock Crusher For Sale

Portable Rock Crusher For Sale

Portable Rock Crusher

The Portable Rock Crusher is more in line with the new era, “Intelligent” development, the combination of two high-performance equipments, breaking the tradition, the high efficiency, energy saving and high-yield characteristics of the cone crusher, and the comprehensive mobile crushing station is flexible. Convenience, small size, intelligent operation and other advantages, is a better combination of “ system & rdquo; & & ldquo; wisdom & rdquo;.

  • 1. Streamlined body structure design, more beautiful, integrated structure of each structure, saving space and reducing land occupation;
  • 2, can be “first broken after the sieve”, can also be “first sieve after crushing”, all kinds of crushing methods freely convert, improve equipment work flexibility;
  • 3. The integrated unit design can not only adapt to the ordinary road site, but also overcome the rugged mountain road and narrow space, and the overall machine adaptability is stronger;
  • 4, hydraulic system design, improve equipment safety, operation is more intelligent, no manual, remote computer control;
  • 5, low noise, less dust, using on-site spraying to reduce dust pollution, with multi-effect dust collector use, more environmentally friendly.

Portable Rock Crusher multiple configurations, comprehensive selection

The Portable Rock Crusher is more suitable for users. It has two different combinations of tire type and crawler type, and there are various models, which are better for customers to choose. In general, the common series of equipment models include HPT3S154PSG09, HPT3S185PSG130, HPT3S216HP300, etc. The difference in models will inevitably lead to inconsistencies in their parameters and production capacity. The specific model selection, customers should fully consider the parameters of each equipment.

In addition, the supplier supports professional customization. Any customer with special needs can contact customer service staff online. The supplier will arrange senior engineers to tailor the model for you to make your choice more comprehensive.

Warm reminder: As the crawler-type Portable Rock Crusher is more advanced in workmanship and slightly more complicated in work, the price will be slightly more expensive; the tire-type Portable Rock Crusher technology is more mature, and the performance is relatively more stable.

the Portable Rock Crusher has been praised by customers frequently

1. In December 2017, the user of Portable Rock Crusher from Mohe called and thanked A&C equipment: I really appreciate it. The crusher we used before often encounters low temperature and can’t work, giving production. It has brought great difficulties. Since I introduced 3 Portable Rock Crushers under the introduction of my friends, I have never encountered similar problems. Even at -25 °C, I still maintain efficient operation, while the equipment occupies a small area and has large kinetic energy. The granite crushed stone produced is of good grain quality and excellent quality.

2. Mr. Li, a user of the construction waste recycling station in Jiangxi, said: The construction waste in the past was really troublesome. Since the selection of the Portable Rock Crusher, it has not only got rid of the problems of site restrictions, picking troubles, etc., but also the equipment is like broken construction waste. In the same way, the construction waste can be sorted, crushed and processed into building aggregates with higher economic value. It not only solves the problems of construction waste accumulation and environmental pollution, but also creates a lot of profits for the enterprise. Equipment, our entire corporate profits are like a hanging, I really appreciate the A&C suppliers.

Portable Rock Crusher, integrated high efficiency, energy saving, high yield, intelligent, environmental protection in one, to create a life of sand and gravel plant, let you easily make big money, welcome interested friends to call us anytime!

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