Way To Transform The Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Way To Transform The Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Transformation Of Vertical Ultrafine Mill Feeding Chute

Due to the lack of operational experience of the front-line technicians, the initial vibration of the vertical Ultrafine Mill is too large, the horizontal vibration value is 3.7mm / s, the vertical vibration value is 4mm / s, and with the change of the material layer and other factors, Will be higher, reaching 8mm / s. Through analysis, vertical Ultrafine Mill vibration, the main motor current fluctuations, the minimum value of about 100A, while the maximum value of about 145A, vertical Ultrafine Mill circulating bucket elevator current fluctuations are larger, the difference is about 25A, the initial Determine the vertical Ultrafine Mill system caused by uneven feeding. In the Ultrafine Mill to observe the distribution of material on the disc and found that the center of the Ultrafine Mill out of the material there is a clear deviation of the Ultrafine Mill inside and the east and south (ie bucket elevator feeding point and powder separator powder) More material, and corresponding to the upper part of the wear of the roller is also more serious, while less material in the other two directions, basically in line with the Ultrafine Mill within the feeding point of the offset and uneven feeding judgment. Immediately arranged into the center of the Ultrafine Mill to increase the width of 100mm thickness 10mm ring baffle,

On the one hand, it reduces the high grinding material into the gap on the scouring, on the other hand, the role of the mouth of the ring makes the material of the feeding point has changed, the original single point of eccentric feeding into close to the center of the expected, improved Materials in the disc on the deviation phenomenon. At the same time, the appropriate adjustment of the value of h (the original design 600mm, eventually changed to 400mm), making the material fluctuations, you can play a buffer role, stable feed bed.

Adjust The Baffle Height And Cylinder Accumulator Inflation Pressure

By observing the current curve of the main motor in the control room vertical Ultrafine Mill and the current curve of the circulating bucket elevator, the current of the vertical Ultrafine Mill is about 95-100A while the vertical current of the vertical Ultrafine Mill is 157A, that is, the effective power of the vertical Ultrafine Mill only exerts 60% s level. The loading pressure of vertical grinding chamber is about 8.8MPa, while the fluctuation value exceeds 3MPa, and the fluctuation of each grinding roller on the scene is big. From the above analysis of some parameters and field phenomena to determine the vertical Ultrafine Mill Ultrafine Mill lining thin. To this end, the use of economic operation and the reservoir full stop time, the 3 sets of Ultrafine Mill block ring by 30mm (original design 50mm), increased vertical Ultrafine Mill current from about 100A rose to about 130A, indicating that legislation Grinding work significantly improved, but vertical grinding load pressure fluctuations or the problem is not solved. Through the on-site vertical motion of the hydraulic cylinder activity and frequent start-up of the site hydraulic pump pressure point of view, the initial suspect is the vertical Ultrafine Mill cavity nitrogen capsule pressure is low, vertical Ultrafine Mill’s packing effect is not good, can not be opposed to the vertical load pressure To effectively alleviate and supplement, resulting in frequent start-up pressure pump and pressure fluctuations. After testing, vertical pressure of nitrogen balloon only 2.5MPa, to raise it to 4.5MPa, increased pressure system flexibility, vertical Ultrafine Mill load pressure fluctuations also will be solved.

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